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Award winning author, Advocate, TEDx speaker and proud parent of two Portuguese Water Dogs, Jazz and Jive. "My goal is to help pet parents truly become ‘Super Pet Parents’ as they experience the joy of fostering a long, loving relationship with their dogs."

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The Jazz & Jive Show is an internet TV series created for dog lovers. We create fun-filled, engaging and educational content about dogs and pet parenting to help people make informed and responsible decisions regarding the well-being of their dogs.

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"A good adventure often requires the company of best friends."
Follow the adventures of Donna, Jazz & Jive in this Blog-style journey (from the perspective of a pet parent) through the challenging and rewarding world of dogs pet parenting.

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"What makes this book special is Chicone’s attitude: 'Part of my advocacy for dogs is to help all of us as humans become more sensitive to the reality that our dogs are sentient beings who experience pain, fear and joy,” she writes. “In the world of grammar etiquette, it is correct to reference animals as ‘that’ and ‘it,’ but … I don’t follow that convention. I want to encourage us to refer to dogs as ‘who’ and ‘him’ and ‘her.’ Why? Because referring to our beloved dogs as the feeling beings they are is the beginning of making a difference in our relationship together.' Good for you, Donna. Language changes behavior."
~ Mary Ann Grossman, Pioneer Press


"Being A Super Pet Parent"
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Currently available in paperback and ebook through Amazon. Also available at Barnes&Noble, IndieBound & iTunes!

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  " Donna Chicone is a dog person’s best friend! Donna has a passion for dogs and the joy of the human animal-bond. With incredible energy, she works to educate others on all aspects of not just having dogs but sharing our lives with them. She brings together people from all areas of the dog world, from dog shows, breeders, trainers and veterinarians for complete information for the serious dog lover. "

Kate An Hunter , D.V.M.
Carver Lake Veterinary Center


"Being a Super Pet Parent"

Everything You Need to Know to Foster a
Long, Loving Relationship with Your Dog